Coronavirus Latest News

Coronavirus Latest News

The church is open on Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00am – 4.00pm. 

   Before you leave home

  • For everyone’s wellbeing it would be appreciated if you do not come to church if you have any symptoms of Covid – 19. If you are unfortunate to display them at a later date, please let us know.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly.
  • As Bibles and prayer books are not available then please bring any prayer aids you may need from home.
  • Please bring your own drinks if needed.
  •     As you arrive
  • Please enter through the main (South) door.
  •  Hand sanitizer is available as you enter the church building.  Please use it when you enter and leave.
  •  A limited number of masks are available in the church which are available for a donation towards our work.


  • Some pews have been sectioned off to help maintain social distancing.  Please use any that are available but remember to keep your distance.
  • You are welcome to light a candle but please use the hand sanitizer first and make sure your hand is dry.
  • Be aware of those around you and leave in a safely distanced manner via the South Door after using the hand gel provided to cleanse your hands.
  • You are welcome to leave a donation using the card reader but please make sure your hands are clean first.

The Church  is professionally cleaned weekly and after services.  Please use the disinfectant wipes provided to clean any surfaces you touch.

  •  The clergy team are available for private conversation.  In the first instance, please give one of them a call;
  • We have a pastoral team who are keeping in contact with those members of our church who live on their own or do not have friends nearby.  We know many of you, but if you are in that category please let us know.  We really do wish to speak to you.
  • It is very important that we all reach out to our neighbours to make sure they know that we are here for them too.  The Group Ministry have produced a leaflet which you may wish to print and drop through your neigbours’ doors (click here to download) . Please do so safely, of course.  If anybody asks for help and you are unable to help yourself, please call the Rector  and he will try to find a solution.  Thankfully, various voluntary groups have been formed to help those in need. Again, please contact us so that we can direct you, if you are having difficulty accessing them.
  •  If you would like to receive updates and are not on our mailing list please join our mailing list via the home page. 

Church Services

It is not necessary to let us know you are coming to a church service although the QR code is available on the notice board for those who wish to use it.  Please be aware that the 8.00am service on Sunday and 10.00am service on Wednesday are less busy.  Preachers will continue to offer the same sermon so that we all hear the same message in the week.  Whenever possible we will live stream or provide content for our YouTube channel.

Sanitising and Cleaning
We will continue to ask people to sanitise their hands on the way in to church and ask Sidespeople to clean the church after services.  In addition, the church will be cleaned professionally once a week.  If you visit the church during the week for private prayer, we will ask you to wipe any surface you may have touched with a disinfectant wipe.

Social Distancing
We encourage you to think about social distancing but will no longer limit the number of people attending a church service.  If you are particularly worried about getting too close to people you might consider sitting in the north transept or attending one of the quieter services.

Wearing face masks
Although there is no longer a legal requirement to wear face masks indoors, we are asking you to consider wearing one, though this is now optional.

Sharing the Peace
We shall continue to share the peace in the same way as we have done these last months i.e., with no physical contact but certainly with a recognition of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are in church worshipping with us.

Holy Communion
We intend to provide communion much as we have done over the past months i.e., in one kind with the president suitably masked and gloved. We did consider the other options open to us but, for a while yet, consider our current practice to be the safest available to us.

You are welcome to join in singing in church.

We shall not take up an offertory by passing a plate or bag along the pew. However, as ever, we are always grateful to those who give to the work of the church whether by placing their offering in the plate on the way in or out, or electronically, ideally regularly and, where relevant, with Gift Aid applied.

When possible, we will provide coffee and other refreshments after the service outside.

St Martin’s Online

We livestream most Sundays at 10.30am on YouTub.  In addition, we offer Morning Prayer on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9.00 am and Compline (Night Prayer) on Thursdays at 9.00 pm.  These are available via Zoom.  Please email if you would like to receive alerts.

For those who do not have access to the internet:

Clergy Contacts: 


Reverend Renos Pittarides: 01483 283713

Reverend Rosemary Durward : 01932 860223

Reverend Sandy Conway: 01483 281497